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4/16/20 Levels

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We operate with three Fluid system designs:
System 4: used on Home Fitness Fluid Rowers.4 levels, Min / Max, on all wooden models and Pacific / Neptune.
System 16: used on Fluid Rowers E-316 and VX-2. This is a 16 Level system.
System 20: used on Fluid Rower E-520, VX-3, UBE and CXT. Offers 20 levels of resistance.

20 Level Specifications:

• The original patented Fluid-20 Technology System for Fluid Rowers and Upper Body Ergometers
• Robust, low maintenance, sealed twin tank.
• 20 levels of resistance at the touch of a high visibility lever, from feather light, to full-on Olympic workout.
• Low maintenance, low noise direct belt drive on Cycle-XT (C-XT) and Upper Body Ergometers (UBE) enables the system to function fully in both directions with identical resistance at any given setting clockwise or anti-clockwise.
• No high maintenance noisy chains and fans; just the tranquil sound of the swooshing of water within the sealed tank as you workout
• Direct drive system provides rapid engagement at the beginning of the pull-through on the rowing machine; and then maintains throughout the stroke a power curve that more truly resembles that of a racing rowing boat on the water.
• A rowing machine should only offer resistance during the power phase of the stroke, so our rapid engagement clutch provides instant “catch”, and releases at the finish, enabling the system to rotate freely during the recovery phase.

16 Level Specifications:

• Low maintenance and robust, sealed twin water tank configuration developed from our original System 20 to suit compact rowers.
• 16 Levels of resistance with the simple turn of a lever, allowing for feather light to a full-on workout that will challenge Olympic athletes.
• Tank is inclined backwards by 17° creating the perfect balance between the resistance caused by the lifting of the water, whilst maintaining the steady momentum around the outer tank throughout the stoke.
• The patented low maintenance Direct Drive System gearing system puts you in direct contact with the water- no chains, or sprockets interrupt the smoothness of the rowing stoke.
No loud whirring of chains, gears, and fans, to annoy other gym users, or even one’s workout concentration; just the relaxing low level sound of water swooshing around the sealed tank system.

Tank’s water content is 8 litres. A clear calibration line ensures accurate filling. Puri-tabs are provided to prevent any bacterial or algal growth within the sealed tank system. About 1 tab per 4-6 months recommended.
Note that the tabs will not clean the tank once it becomes polluted.