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First Degree Fitness was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of offering the commercial fitness industry a new range of equipment that combined robustness with simplicity.

First Degree Fitness Europe is Europe’s distributor and service centre for a large range of Fluidrowers. Our goal is to give users of all ages, body types, and fitness levels the ability to enjoy a perfectly tailored full body cardio workout, with all the benefits of improved fitness that result.

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At the heart of any item of fitness equipment is its resistance system. Without resistance, the user would be merely going through the range of movement and not really gaining much in terms of a workout. Alternatively some other exercise machines are too severe, allowing only the very fittest and strongest to enjoy their workout, with most others moving away to less severe alternatives.

With an accumulation of over half a century of expertise in fitness training and competitive rowing, we have developed machines that most closely mimic the sound and feel of real rowing on water. We provide the widest range of resistance rowers with an almost instant adjustability to suit all levels of fitness: From gentle, for an unconditioned beginner, to an extreme challenge for a full Olympic rowing athlete. This ensures that each person’s workout objectives can be met perfectly, every time, allowing a continuous fitness progression for all users.